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  • 05:41:10 pm on September 25, 2006 | 1

    Did I get anyone to try firefox yet if you already haven’t? If you have installed it and played with it, here is a list of must-have extensions that will make you love it even more. I already mentioned a couple of these in my last post.

    • Adblock: Obviously it blocks those pesky popup ads.
    • Adblock Filterset.G Updater: Provides you with a pre-installed and updated list of sites to block.
    • Mouse Gestures: This changes the way you browse. No more clicking the back, forward, refesh buttons. You just right click and move to the left to go back; move to the right to go forward; you get the idea, right? It’s sweet.
    • Fasterfox: Supposed to provide performance tweaks.
    • IE Tab: For sites that don’t render well in Firefox, you can view the site in IE right within Firefox just with a click of this button. Yes, you don’t have to ever open IE again, well atleast not in its own window.
    • Update Notifier: Has nice icons to show you if your extensions/themes have newer versions available.
    • Tab Mix Plus: Provides more confgurations for your tabbed browsing.
    • Restart Firefox: Easy one-click restart. Very handy.
    • FEBE/CLEO: You can backup and restore everything in your firefox with this extension combo. I use this to make my browsers at work, home look alike and have the same extensions installed!

    I like the following extensions as well..

    • PDF download: Gives you nice option to open any links to a pdf document to open separately in Adobe or inside firefox or as a web page.
    • Image Zoom: Lets you zoom any image in a web page with a right-click and scroll button in your mouse!
    • Colorful tabs: Helps the tabs stand-out if you are like me and have 20 tabs open at the same time!
    • Back to Top: Go to the bottom or top of the page with one click.
    • Gmail Manager: Like it says in the name..
    • Dictionary tooltip: For those forgotten GRE words!!
    • Feedview: Makes your RSS feeds look nicer.
    • OPML Support: If you use linux or other feed readers, OPML\nis a bettr supported format and you can export/import your rss feeds in\nthat format.

    Special mention:

    • Stumble Upon: This is an awesome way to kill time on the internet! This extension lets you specify categories of web sites you like. Then it lets you ‘stumble upon’ web sites in those categories rated top by other uesrs. I have across some really cool sites through this that I have never come across by googling!!

    If you are into web development.. these extensions are great to have:

    • Web Developer: Provides a lot of tools helpful in development.
    • Tamper Data: View/modify HTTP headers, etc. It also acts like IE Watcher and you can view the http traffic from your browser.
    • View Source Chart: Creates a nice colored chart of your rendered source.
    • X-ray: You can see the tags in the source code without leaving the page.
    • Colorzilla: No more guessing what colors you are looking at in a page. Use this extension to point at a color in the page and get the hex codes or the opposite.

    If you have any extension that you would like me to add to this list, just drop a line in the comments. Also, I will update this page as I find extensions that make the cut to get into this list!! So, bookmark this post if you want!



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