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  • 06:48:10 am on September 27, 2006 | 4

    I am very week in time management , so management guys do participate and give me suggestion.Ravi enna pannalam



  • ravikannan 8:34 am on September 27, 2006 | # | Reply

    how to manage time?….ummm….This is really a tuf one daa…My personal feeling is that one needs to have a certain strict boundary around oneself, that noone else should be able to breach. If you create, respect and stick to that “personal zone” urself, others will realize and respect that too.

    Like for example, if u hav set some task to do on a certain time, no matter wat comes, u hav got to do it. U cant say, “Oh-shucks!! this other person or thing came in between and spoiled my plans!!”. This means ur “committment to ur own personal zone” is SHAKY!!

    But all said, this is really TUF!!! I havent yet succeeded in this endevor!! It takes awful lot of time, discipline and self-control!!!

    These are jus my opinions….let me know what u guys all think!!

  • sravi 1:39 pm on September 27, 2006 | # | Reply

    yes da, as u say it is very tuf for us to stick to it and complete the set task.

    yes as ravi this is were i am weak, i have to manage my time.

  • ravi k 7:00 am on September 28, 2006 | # | Reply

    How many times I set some task in my Mobile Phone “To-Do list” and then when the reminder actually comes (alarm beeps), I will jus stop the alarm and then forget it!!! 🙂

  • karthik5686 6:41 am on September 29, 2006 | # | Reply

    Yes Ravi same thing is hapeening for me also. Particularly during the month ends. The only thing we can do is that we have to prioritise the work and do accordingly. There should be always a mix of both professinal and personnel work.

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