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  • 11:53:33 am on October 2, 2006 | 3

    hi, today is Gandhi Jayanthi and the world remembers him , for the policy which he adopted and the satyagraha stlye!!!!!!!!!!It should have been a nightmare experience for the britishers to handle Mahatma.
    It was during freedom movement from 1857 to 1947 India has seen many leaders.

    we can categories freedom movement as Moderates phase(1858-1905),Militant Nationalism(1905-1918), Mass Nationalism(1919-1938) and Movement towards freedom and partition(1938-1947).In all thes stages there are lot of heros but to my knowledge Gandhi only created the mass movement ie,. involenment of peasants.That made the britishers to think of winding the empire from India!!!!!!

    Gandhi not only dreamed for freedom but also for the development of Harijans and there social uplifment.We should be proud of our father of our nation and we should think think what alll sufferrings they have experienced during the march to freedom.So we should not forget the past and use the freedom usefully for our countrys development.

    Vande Mataram national song of India by Bankim Chandra Chatterrjji



  • karthiik 10:22 pm on October 2, 2006 | # | Reply

    Nice post Ravi!!

    This day is something to be cherished!

  • Ravi K 4:04 am on October 3, 2006 | # | Reply

    I agree daa…Nice post BikeRavi!!

    What a leader daa…the Mahatma….he has so much to learn from….being in this IT industry, I feel there are so many challenges every day daa…managing new people…..tackling issues……how much tensed Gandhiji wud have been, managing the whole nation, their passions, their emotions!!! WOW!! Hats off to that GREAT MAN!!

    But on the other side…..
    can we talk abt his faults…may b, they did NOT appear as faults to Gandhiji or from the nation’s point of view….may b faults that WE THINK, he committed……things WE THINK he cud hav done some OTHER WAY…are there events or incidents or issues HE CUD HAVE HANDLED better ?!??!?

  • karthik5686 9:24 am on October 3, 2006 | # | Reply

    I would say managing the people of that era is very easy da. Those people can be emotionally controlled or manupulated very easily.

    We cannot comment any thing on one of the greatest Human being Mahathma, the world has ever seen, but still there are lot of things to be debated.

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