Chennai Romeos

  • 09:34:50 pm on October 4, 2006 | 2

    You are probably using RSS feeds (livemarks) with your firefox browser! If you aren’t check out the Wikipedia link. In short, it facilitates checking updates to a website without ever going to the website.

    I have a long list of feeds that I subscribe to and in the habit of catching up with them every week. I started using RSS feed in my browser and soon enough I have like 10 folders with almost 60 sites that I subscribe to. No, I don’t waste time on the internet, atleast not all the time. 😉 The sites I subscribe to vary from news, linux, oracle, java and tech related sites.

    When I am at work, I use Akregator in my linux desktop to read my feeds. It is a KDE based RSS reader that supports exporting and importing feeds from Firefox in OPML format. I am still looking for a better reader for linux and open for suggestions..

    But, whenever I was away from home or work, I was missing these links that I always had. There were online bookmarking sites that were available and I had tried a few of them. In fact, Google which never ceases to amaze me, had an online rss reader called Google Reader but I wasn’t impressed. Because, it didn’t have any way of organizing your feeds. But, they have seriously overhauled Google Reader and boy I gotta say Google has come through again and I just love it!

    It supports folders now and I can even share exciting stuff I come across with just a URL! And, to demonstrate its ability I have created a link in our Blogroll to a page named ‘Sweet Deals’. I am going to share the cool deals I come across on the Internet I would like the Chennai Romeos to pitch in to suggest how we can use this feature! Let run your imagination wild.. but before that try Google Reader for yourself!



  • Ravi K 4:01 am on October 5, 2006 | # | Reply

    Tried Google reader….its COOL…SOOPER cool daa….!! 🙂

  • karthiik 2:09 am on October 6, 2006 | # | Reply

    I know, Ravi. I am addicted to it now!! But, if you are at work.. just be wary that its going to send out a lot of http traffic.. if it’s being watched at your place!

    Also, I just learnt a cool trick with Firefox. Just like you can use ALT+TAB with Windows to toggle between open windows, in Firefox, you can toggle between tabs using CTRL+TAB! Isn’t that awesome?

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