Chennai Romeos

  • 02:52:31 am on October 7, 2006 | 3

    5000 ft view of our apt The building by the bright orange tree is the apartment where we live in… this is from Google Maps and must have been taken last fall!

    And, yes it is Fall again.. and Michigan is really beautiful this time of the year.. especially the Upper Peninsula!

    Priya and I are leaving in the morning for a day trip to enjoy Mother Nature’s beauty that lasts hardly 2-3 weeks with all the colors exploding around us.. before the dull, monotonic winter sets in.. and then the snow will bring in some reprieve!!

    Look out for more pictures of this trip in the Flickr link in the blog next week!! You can leave comments in Flickr.. all of them shot with our Canon SD450. That camera makes even an super amateur like me into… well check the pics out and tell me! 😉

    Have a great weekend everyone!



  • sravi 11:44 am on October 8, 2006 | # | Reply

    hi ,it sounds good da.the ariel view is wonderful and the snaps which u loaded it great to c!! are you professional photographer it sounds so.great da

  • karthiik 2:07 pm on October 8, 2006 | # | Reply

    Not really Ravi.. Canon SD450 is an awesome point and shoot camera! Just been getting lucky with the shots.. I have uploaded some pics from our trip yesterday! Enjoy!

  • Ravi K 4:18 am on October 9, 2006 | # | Reply

    dei kaarthi….andha Falls picture ultimate daa!! it really is a perfect shot….can be set as “Wallpaper” on PCs!!!

    nee dhaan andha photos ellaam eduthiyaa!!??? no no… must be Priya!!! 🙂

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