Chennai Romeos

  • 01:55:42 pm on October 9, 2006 | 6

    Monday is the beginning of the week and all used to catch up speed in order to get into routine.i too started the same way fully energetic !!!!!!!!!!!but sudenly something went wrong with me my materials got rejected and while i escaped from car hit!!!! then i decided to take rest for some time and carry on my work but my mind didnt work, i missed all direction.then i decided not to go out, and now in my office narrating this.

    Some days what all we isgetting wasted and our mood is also spoiled!!!!!!!!is that is the world???? or we doing any mistake???

    Some people are money minded always looking after others what they are doing , they not even leave very lower class!!!!!!!!?????is this life?????????

    Is these things happening to all??????????or only for me!!!!!!!!1



  • Suresh Gundappa 2:52 pm on October 9, 2006 | # | Reply

    Other than 7 days in a week i find most of the days good and nice…..MMMM

  • sravi 3:03 pm on October 9, 2006 | # | Reply

    it is intresting to hear ur comment,like to know who u r??

  • karthiik 5:19 pm on October 9, 2006 | # | Reply

    Sorry to hear that machi.. Most Mondays are like that! Looks like we have a new reader in our blog!

    Hey Suresh, we are curious how you came across our blog?

  • Ravi K 5:22 am on October 10, 2006 | # | Reply

    BikeRavi…I understand ur state of mind daa….one thing goes wrong….and everything else follows….its like a continuous thing…..the whole days goes waste!!! and we go off-mood!!! It has happened to me many times daa!!!

    The other thing u brought about….about some people being a PEST….poking their nose into OTHER PEOPLE’s business…thats the WORST ever thing to face daa!!! I dont know how we can TELL it out to those guys, who KEEP BEING A PEST….what is their botheration if you are doing business in some manner, if you are earning so much money, if you are buying a house etc….BLOODY HELL…!!! Its JUST BETTER to stay away from those PESTS daa!!!

  • karthiik 5:19 pm on October 10, 2006 | # | Reply

    Best way to deal with those pests is to ignore them.. just give them some crap info about whatever they ask you. Just say the most irrelevant stuff.. for eg:

    How much is your salary?
    Not enough!

    Whose house is this?
    My house owner’s!

    You hit the nail on the head, Ravi! Stay the hell away from them! Or, learn to have a smile in your face and give them crap! They sure do deserve it.

  • Ravi K 4:58 am on October 11, 2006 | # | Reply

    correctaa sonnae daa Kaarthi…!!

    We cannot change them…their attitude…we can only IGNORE them!!

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