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  • 02:23:23 pm on October 11, 2006 | 4

    India has gone through many phases in the past and has ruled by example Cheras,Cholas in the south in the same way in the north by Tuglaks, Rashtrakurthas,Bhamanis and Mugals were the last before our English !!!!!!!!!.i hope this will create awarness and we will use our freedom properly!!!!!!!!!
    It is quite intresting that we can come to know all others except the English(East India Comapny) others stayed in Indai and treated our country as there mother land and settled here!!!!!!!!!but East India Company earned the profit and exploited the situation by the policy of “Divide and Rule”.what all they earned they took back to England and simply spolied our country.
    Before going in detail, causes for the revolt are very important!!!!!!!!!!
    Economic Causes!!!
    Political causes!!!!!!!!!!!
    Administrative Causes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Socio-Religious Causes!!!!!!!!!!
    Discontent among sepoys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Storm Centres and leaders of the Revolt!!!!!!!!!!

    will continue

    “Saluteing who have given there lifes for us”

    *Refered History books



  • karthiik 12:04 pm on October 12, 2006 | # | Reply

    Intersting, Ravi… let’s hear the details!

  • Ravi K 4:46 am on October 17, 2006 | # | Reply

    yes daa I agree…what england today is, is what half India was then!!! go ahead daaa….lets discuss more on this topic…

  • Ravi K 6:26 am on October 17, 2006 | # | Reply

    saw this movie – 23rd pulikaesee – last weekend….
    Vadivelu, a local ruler then, asks Englishers who come and ask for taxes – “Whom are u asking taxes, Why shud v pay taxes to English?, Why shud English run the govt for v Indians…we are the owners of Management principle books …arthasaashtra and other ancient books on that topic…originated from India….so v Indians know the rules better than any other country!!!” !!!

    I liked that part very much…had a PATRIOTIC punch!!

  • karthiik 1:21 pm on November 7, 2006 | # | Reply

    Ravi S.

    I see a steady traffic to this post.. people searching on this topic. How about refning it or adding more info in it?

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