Chennai Romeos

  • 03:51:13 am on October 26, 2006 | 2

    hi, u all must have heared or read the news of latest addition to Chennai Cops is there new Accent Cars.!!!!!!!!! It is wonderful to see our cops in that NYPD style as quoted in NDTV.

    In my place many cops take there new cars for a round with all lights on.!!!!!!!!!will these cars helps to bring down the crime rate in city????? ya we should be optimistic with these they will bring down the bad image of police and be public friendly and make crime free surrounding!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In order to these there salary should also be increased in such a way that cops dont get bribe on the road which spoils the image of police.!!!

    Many thanks to Hyundai motors for there service.!!!!



  • karthiik 12:29 pm on October 26, 2006 | # | Reply

    Yes Ravi, I read it in the news too.. that would be so cool to see them with those flashing lights!!

    Are they just crusing around with the lights on all the time or just when there is an emergency?

  • ravi k 8:52 am on November 1, 2006 | # | Reply

    the Chennai Cop Cars are cool daa!! jus spotted one in Guindy yesterday….was like US style!!

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