Chennai Romeos

  • 05:30:40 pm on October 26, 2006 | 1

    Just stumbled across this blog.. Chennaiist. It is similar to what we are doing here.. a multi-author blog! Just about Chennai!!

    I think this blog says a lot about how I visualize our blog to be in a year or so.. It’s not just a medium to share information between us.. we could make it interesting to other readers as well!!

    To guage a little bit more about whoever is visiting our blog these days.. I am thinking of posting a few polls this week!

    Right now, please do leave a comment on how you would like this blog to shape up.. like which categories do you think we should post more on and such!



  • sravi 4:02 am on October 27, 2006 | # | Reply

    hi,yes i have one suggestion if anyone in our group post something means we members should get intimation about it ,as we get for our post and comment,we should have some more categories and most important above all is our members should participate in it!!!!!!!!

    chennairomeos enna pannureenga????gunda enna da busyaaaa????have u got something????

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