Chennai Romeos

  • 07:27:46 am on November 3, 2006 | 3

    jus wanted to start a thread on sports….so why not current state of Indian cricket team? Do you think they hav a chance to advance to second round in the World cup thats nearing…? After seeing the champions trophy, and their dismal performance, I hav doubts…..



  • sravi 9:43 am on November 4, 2006 | # | Reply

    yes da, there performance is very bad!!!!v have to include Zaheer and put Dhoni on the first down slot (my opinion)and the bowling department has to be improved!!!!and the fielding !!!!!what to say!!!

    Team should perform as a whole and the individual performance should also be there!!!!!!!!!!so coordinated effort will work as Aussies!!!!!!!!!otherwise India will be knocked out in the first round itself!!!!!!!!!

  • karthiik 2:04 pm on November 4, 2006 | # | Reply

    Ravi & Ravi.. do you really want me to talk about Cricket? Or is the state of Indian cricket that bad?

    Even when I didn’t follow it as keenly as you guys did, it still used to be great fun watching it together either in Besant Nagar or in hostel!

  • karthiik 4:26 pm on November 4, 2006 | # | Reply


    Just came across this site while surfing!

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