Chennai Romeos

  • 04:04:20 pm on November 4, 2006 | 0

    Fellas, have you noticed the Romeo Chat at the bottom of this page? Meebo is a web 2.0 app. It lets you sign into your IM’s from a web page without the IM client installed! Plus, if you are signed on to Meebo, and you are visiting Chennai Romeos, you can chat with other meebo users who are reading our site!!

    How cool is that??? So after you sign-up, next time you are here surfing around.. make sure you login to Meebo and maybe we can chat a little!

    Also, Ravi. S asked a while back about how to keep track of what’s going on in this site. Some of the recent comments do appear in the side bar. If you are looking for comprehensive info on what’s been going on over the last month, get into the Dashboard and now WordPress has a neat way of displaying current activity!! I just love it…


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