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  • 02:12:31 pm on November 7, 2006 | 2

    Economic Causes

    The colonial policies of the East India company destroyed the traditional fabric of Indian society.The peasants never ever recovered from heavy taxation, which they went to moneylenders and traders who swallowed the land and peasants were forced to evict the land!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!These moneylenders and traders emerged new landlords.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The annexation of Indian states buy company cut off their major source patronage of artisans, and there policies also discouraged the artisans!!!!…..

    Zamindars, the traditional landed aristocracy ,often saw their land rights forfeited with frequent use of a quo warranto (is a proceeding whereby the court inquires into the legality of the claim which party asserts to a public office, and to oust him from its enjoyment if the claim be not well founded) this resulted to the loss of status for them in the villages!!!!!!!!!. In Awadh, the storm centre of the revolt,21000 taluqdars had their estates confiscated and suddenly found themselves without source of income,”unable to work,ashamed to beg,condemned to penury”, they were all waiting for the opportunity!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Political causes!!!!!!!



  • ravi k 4:33 am on November 15, 2006 | # | Reply

    reading all these economic factors, I now get an idea why the whole concept of “Reservation” was brought in by Dr.Ambedkar. It was an absolutely right thing to do at the time of independence when there were a lot of economic disparities. Think I am drifting the discussion topic to a different direction…..still letting u guys know my thots…

    BikeRavi continue daa…..ur notes are very interesting and thot-provoking!!!

  • sravi 3:44 am on November 16, 2006 | # | Reply

    Yes, as said its one of the reasons for “Reservation” when i conclude the entrire happenings u may will have the clear picture what has happened and what made them to do so!!!!

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