Chennai Romeos

About the romeos

We are a bunch of guys hailing from Chennai, India. We spent the best part of our youth, our college days, together! Some of us studied in the same college, some of us in the same class rooms for years and some of us went to different ones. After graduating, we went our separate ways. This is an attempt to bring us all together in sharing things not just amongst us but to anyone else who might care to read this..

Now, the Romeos in the title has hardly anything to do with Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliett! Well, may be in a round about way. But, what it means in chennai slang or madras baashai is that it usually refers to youngsters in search of love.. or seeking a girls attention or in search of …… just cute girls!

This place is going to be a medley of stuff about current news, our lives, technology and what not! But, the idea is fascinating nevertheless! With a multi-author blog, the content will be updated often, with topics with an attention span of a nut-munching-squirrel. The idea is to make this place informative, fun, spontaneous and something that will say a little about the Chennai Romeos to the world!!



  • ravi k 9:32 am on September 25, 2006 | # | Reply

    Chennai-Romeos rock!!
    We are jus-too-cool guys,
    we crack great jokes,
    simple, down-to-earth,
    when we are together, time flies…
    when we are together, the place & ambience doesnt matter….
    we make any place fun to b at…..
    not one place in chennai has been left unexplored by the gang…
    Chennai-Romeos rock!!

  • ravi k 9:35 am on September 25, 2006 | # | Reply

    Well I m wondering, what made this group – Chennai-Romeos click?
    What has made it gel the way it has, even after so many years?

    Any ideas guys?….whoa……..i hav some ideas here….jus fell on one idea….

    is it all bcos we are an “all-guys-gang”?!??!?

    Pour in your ideas guys….we shall discuss…..

  • sravi 3:36 am on September 26, 2006 | # | Reply

    hi all,
    i think this is the group which will be truely chennai romeos

  • sravi 3:39 am on September 26, 2006 | # | Reply

    hi , good morning,
    here we can discuss about science, history , current affairs,geography,technology etc,,in order to fine tune ourselves .enna okvaa

  • chennairomeos 4:36 pm on September 26, 2006 | # | Reply

    Sounds great Ravi & Ravi.. now lets start blogging!

  • sravi 2:15 am on September 27, 2006 | # | Reply

    Hi all,

    Mams to start with shall we talk about Time management,here for me in business i have no time to have lunch , gundan should be knowing my tight schdule, what shall i do??

  • chennairomeos 2:21 am on September 27, 2006 | # | Reply

    Any topic to start a discussion, Ravi. Also, I came up with the lamest caption for the site. How about some suggestions for the caption?

  • ravikannan 4:05 am on September 27, 2006 | # | Reply

    What is the Latest caption guys? Where do I see it?

  • chennairomeos 2:30 am on October 7, 2006 | # | Reply


    That’s right under the title..

    inform, entertain, educate in chennai style

    by the way, I said ‘lamest’.. hehe.. not latest!

    Any suggestions guys?

  • Peter C. Jones 6:43 pm on October 27, 2006 | # | Reply

    Gentlemen, it is very impressive to see you all get together and create a PIE(something very Productive, Informative and Entertaining). I am able to see a global village functioning at its best. We for sure are out of our own microcosms and are sharing a whole lot of information. Reading this blog helps put multiple instances of “You” at different places with different sets of eyes working as an extension of you. I would certainly bookmark this blog and visit it for my daily dose of the world through the eyes of people who see things like me.

  • karthiik 5:00 pm on October 28, 2006 | # | Reply


    Let me introduce the gentleman here with the kindest words for us.. Peter is Trichy’s own Romeo in every sense you can think of the word Romeo!! We are really thick buddies here in Lansing.. play pool a lot, party a lot.. he keeps any party alive and loves to think the world or at least the party revolves around him.. which in fact is true though! 😉

  • sravi 1:38 pm on October 29, 2006 | # | Reply

    hi, Peter it is nice to see new member in Romeos, we deserve your appreciation .

    welcome to our club!!!

  • sivaathi 5:13 pm on November 4, 2006 | # | Reply

    Hi evryone…

    This is Siva from bangalore.. studied with ravi and karthik.. and i donno who are the other members of this group..

    happy to see that we are getting together once again…

    we will rockkkkkkkkkk!!!


  • karthiik 6:44 pm on November 4, 2006 | # | Reply

    Welcome to our newest Romeo.. Siva!! Siva you have met most of them one time or the other.. it’s the besant nagar gang! Ravi S. nammaloda ‘bike ravi’.. then you might recall Prasanna, Suren, Guru and our ‘Sharukh Khan’ Srini..

  • sravi 1:05 pm on November 5, 2006 | # | Reply

    Welcome to Romeo Club!!!!! Siva

  • ravi k 4:33 am on November 6, 2006 | # | Reply

    Hi Siva….Welcome to the site daa!!!
    eppdi keerae?

  • sivaathi 10:35 am on November 6, 2006 | # | Reply

    Guys… naan nalla irukren… neenga ellarum eppadi irukreenga… I remember most of you in the Attakatti Trip that we went… Even couple of days back one of my friend was asking about Munnar and I was recollecting the whole trip that we all enjoyed… I remember Bike Ravi.. Prasanna — Vonaaam… Suren also… Guru.. not sure.. and I need to confirm whether Sharukh Khan Srini is our Famous ASrini…:-))

  • karthiik 5:55 pm on November 6, 2006 | # | Reply

    Yes, Siva.. it is our A Srini!

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